About me

About me

Herzlich Willkommen!

My name is Markus Kuempel, I'm an online marketing expert and entrepreneur from Frankfurt, Germany.

My vision is to build a marketing agency that helps small and medium business grow their traffic, revenue, and profit through online channels.

I am currently working as head of marketing for a software firm in Frankfurt.

My work splits in three areas.

Online Strategy

I develop 360 degree online strategies. In this case, 360 means that it takes a 360 degree view to recognize synergies between channels and to develop a strategy in which all channels act complementary. At the same time, finding the right balance between sales and branding and understanding the complexity and time needed to create traction is key to developing a good strategy. In online marketing, everything is trackable. Tracking makes it possible to break down marketing spendings to channels and campaigns, and see the ROI by using available data. An online strategy usually has one of these three goals / conditions:

1. We have budget X, and want to make the best buck out of it

2. We have budget Y per new customer and want to win as many new customers as possible

3. We want an online strategy that doesn't have time or budget limitations and we will decide what we're gonna do based on that strategy

Depending on which of these three apply, strategies will look very different and become very punctual and micro. I studied the growth strategies of prominent companies like Twitter, Amazon, and Gmail, but also of many small companies with different business models. If the challenge is to develop an applicable strategy that is based on KPIs that drive your business, I might be just the right person to help your business to take their online marketing to the next level.

Online Marketing

I love doing online marketing. That's one reason why I don't just focus my service on developing strategies for clients - because I love the execution itself. I will also execute existing strategies and support your marketing team in installing or growing new traction channels. Here are three use cases:

1. You company wants to start using online ads to attract new customers but is missing the competence to choose the right measures, to technically implement them and then launch the campaigns targeted on specific customer groups.

2. Your company is doing social media since years, but is still not sure if the whole thing is actually bringing in new customers, or if it's just burning money. You need to get your data right and create profitable campaigns.

3. Your online product isn't selling as it should. You worked with out a couple solutions before, but didn't see good results. You now want to start doing affiliate marketing and SEO and need someone with the specific knowledge to get you going.

In all of these cases, I would be a good choice. I would love working on growing your digital channels with you.

Digital Produkt Marketing

This is mainly about conversion rate optimization and user engagement.

If your company gets design and functionality of their products right, it will generate lasting organic growth. We're talking about mechanisms that make existing customers come back more often, interact more, and tell their friends about your product or service. The respective buzzword would be growth hacking. These mechanisms can be implemented in all projects and can, if done right, lead to faster growth and more traction on your web presence.


1. Optimization of conversion funnels through behavioural analytics of users before and during sign up and buying process with tools like Google Analytics.

2. Using a smart recommendation enging in your shop to promote the right products to your users, just like on Amazon ("Customers who viewed this item also viewed: ...").

3. Automizing individual emails defined by specific events on your website. There are many email automation tools today, but most digital companies just don't get it right and end up in a never ending process of not getting it done.

I am looking forward to getting in touch with you and your online strategy.

More about me

Kümpel locker SW

Digital business models are my passion since 2014 when i was an intern in a corporate inhouse incubator. Since then, I co founded a real estate company and worked for an online Marketing Agency. Since 2017 I am exclusively working for startups in leading Marketing positions.

Markus Google

I love selling digital and innovative products online through channels like Google and Facebook. In 2016, I challenged myself doing the Digital Marketing & Leadership Programm of Google and got invited to visit the Google headquarter in Dublin.

vietnam fahrrad

One of my biggest passions is to travel and to explore foreign cultures. In 2015, out of that passion, i founded the travel video platform www.travelfire.io together with a small team in the US. This is me in Hanoi, Vietnam in November 2017, during the Taifun "Damrey".

About me

Kümpel locker SW

I am working with digital business models since 2014. After a couple own projects (check out my travel video platform www.travelfire.io) and 9 month in a Performance Marketing agency, i worked with and for several startups in leading marketing positions.

Markus Google

I love selling digital and innovative products online through channels like Google and Facebook. In 2016, I challenged myself doing the Digital Marketing & Leadership Programm of Google and got invited to visit the Google headquarter in Dublin.

January 2016: Winner at the Google for Entrepreneurs Startup Weekend Cologne.